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Investment Trends 2015 UK Leveraged Trading Report


A full text of the Investment Trends release is available in pdf format, key highlights include:

  • UK trader numbers rose over 2015 in spite of the turmoil that followed the Swiss Franc depeg
  • New criteria for choosing leverage product providers have emerged, a legacy of the Swiss Franc depeg which benefited the market leader IG in the past year
  • Switching activity is on the rise. Competition will be fierce to capture the growing number of traders who are looking around for the best offer

Peter Hetherington, Chief Executive of IG, says:

“I am pleased that once again we have extended our market share in UK and continue to be the market leader by some margin. This research is supported by our ongoing revenue growth in the UK; which increased in the H1 2016 by 3.4% to £110 million. Traders are seeking out well-regulated and financially stable providers. At IG we are committed to high ethical standards, fair client outcomes and regulatory compliance.”

A full text of the Investment Trends release is available below in pdf format:

PDFs require Adobe Reader, which is available free from Adobe.