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IG Group Named Top Employer


IG Group has been named one of Britain’s Top Employers 2010, based on independent research by the CRF Institute.

We are pleased to be recognised as one of the UK’s leading employers, especially as this is the second year running the report has singled IG out for praise.

This year’s report said IG combined a passion for success with a supportive working culture and added that the Group is 'regarded as a market leader, an innovator and the [business] to aspire to'.

The combination of constant innovation and a friendly workplace at IG Group is reflected in employee attitudes. Victoria Webb, a client services co-ordinator, explained: 'I have been able to progress in a fast-paced yet encouraging environment.'

The report alluded to IG's global presence, specifically mentioning the benefits of a hands-on and down-to-earth attitude of directors in organising informal staff briefings across the global network of offices.

Discussing IG’s impressive expansion into international markets, CEO Tim Howkins said: 'It’s easier to do this because largely, we’ve built our own network from scratch.'

The report also talked about our innovative 'Get Thinking' advertising campaign, which is currently running across London’s transport network and in national media. Along with the ongoing development of PureDeal 2.0, the next generation of web-based dealing platform, the advertising campaign was praised as an example of the innovative working environment at IG.

The report said that the 'green light of opportunity is switched on permanently' at IG, while Jackie Borner, head of human resources, added that there’s 'a great deal of empowerment' for employees at IG.

The CRF Institute report also noted our strong culture of corporate social responsibility, including IG’s unique ‘price improvement’ facility that prevents clients from being adversely affected by negative market movements while they are opening or closing a trade.

Finally, the report mentioned IG Group’s commitment to supporting voluntary work and charity efforts by its employees.