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IG Group launches its US Presidential Election Barometer


IG Group, the online trading platform, is launching the IG US Presidential Election Barometer, an indicator of what financial traders are predicting will happen in the November 2016 presidential election.

The data is based on the political market IG has created for clients to trade on which covers who will win the US presidential election.

IG clients have a strong track record in correctly predicting political events. In 2012 they correctly predicted Barack Obama’s Presidential election victory and Boris Johnson’s London Mayoral election victory. They also correctly predicted a victory for the “No” vote in the Scottish independence referendum in early 2014.

This data will be published at regular intervals in the run up to the election, including around events such as key US primary elections. It will reveal the likelihood of the candidates for the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations becoming the next US President at the final polls on Tuesday, 8 November.

Following the first caucuses in Iowa on Monday night, the data shows IG clients are predicting Donald Trump’s chances of winning the presidential election have fallen to 13% from 20% and despite Ted Cruz’s victory his chances have only risen marginally by 1% to 5%. Hilary Clinton remains the front runner to become the next US President at 54%.

Should you wish for up-to-the-minute data, please contact IG Group’s PR Manager, Chris Alfred, on 020 7573 0319 or at