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IG Group introduces stocks and shares ISA


As the end of the tax year approaches, IG Group introduces its stocks and shares ISA.

Available on IG’s stockbroking platform, launched in September 2014, the IG stocks and shares ISA enables investors to competitively invest in a tax efficient manner. 

A stocks and shares ISA with IG Group offers a number of advantages, including:

  • No transfer fees
  • One of the industry’s lowest commission rate, starting from just £6 per trade on UK stocks
  • A 0.3% currency conversion fee on international stocks
  • The ability to trade over 4,500 shares with live pricing
  • Tax-free profits
  • Ease of use, with one login to consolidate their trading and share holdings on one platform
  • Support of analytical tools, charting, market news and videos
  • Available in the UK only, with the option to trade both UK and non-UK shares

IG Group’s superior technology means IG ISA investors are the only savers with access to real-time transparent prices, sourced from multiple venues, and easy access to key international stock markets with market-leading commission rates.  IG Group provides customers with access to international stocks in key markets such as the US, and a low cost and transparent charging structure on the currency conversion, meaning no hidden costs.  Furthermore, IG Group also makes it easy for investors to trade UK and non-UK financial markets, which can be cumbersome and expensive to do through traditional online channels.

More information on the IG Group stocks and shares ISA can be accessed here, and if you would like IG to provide you with a free demo account to help familiarise yourself with the product, please contact Martina Scapin, FTI Consulting at