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IG Group launches its London Mayoral Election Barometer; Sadiq Khan overwhelmingly shown as the favourite


IG Group, the online trading platform, is launching the IG London Mayoral Election Barometer, an indicator of what financial traders are predicting will happen in the London Mayoral Election on 5 May 2016. 

Following the launch of manifestos from Sadiq Khan and Zac Goldsmith this week, the data currently shows IG clients are overwhelmingly predicting Khan will become the next London Mayor, with an 88% chance of success. IG clients give Zach Goldsmith a 12% chance of winning the election.

With the majority of opinion polls showing a closer race, the IG market is currently showing a more comprehensive outcome. In addition, over 90% of all trades placed on IG’s London Mayoral binary market have been placed on the Labour candidate, Sadiq Khan.   

The data is based on the political market IG has developed for clients to trade on which currently covers who will become the next London Mayor. This data will be published at regular intervals in the build up to the election.

Forward looking betting markets are a good source of intelligence and IG clients have a strong track record in correctly predicting political events. They accurately called a victory for the “No” vote in the Scottish independence referendum from the start of 2014, and also correctly predicted Boris Johnson’s and Barack Obama’s respective 2012 election victories.

Should you wish for up-to-the-minute data, please contact IG Group’s PR Manager, Chris Alfred, on 020 7573 0319 or at