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Award of shares to Directors


RNS Number: 6752S 
IG Group Holdings plc 
14 September 2010

Award of shares to Directors

As disclosed in IG's annual report for the year ended 31 May 2010, a proportion of the directors' performance related bonus for the financial year ended 31 May 2010 was to be deferred for 12 months. Pursuant to the rules of the Long Term Bonus Plan 2010 ("LTBP"), the Directors were to be awarded options to acquire the relevant number of shares at nil cost or their cash equivalent on the vesting date of 28 June 2011.

The Company has been notified that on 10 September 2010, the following awards of options over IG shares were made in accordance with the LTBP. As the awards can be cash settled on the vesting date, there is no change in any of the Directors' overall interest in IG shares.

Director Date Date of notification Nature of transaction Price per share in pence Shares held following transaction (%)
T A Howkins 10/09/10 10/09/10 Award: 70,556 (Note 1) n/a 3,800,000 (1.05)
A R Mackay 10/09/10 10/09/10 Award: 59,001 (Note 1) n/a 867,687 (0.24)
P G Hetherington 10/09/10 10/09/10 Award: 49,167 (Note 1) n/a 200,833 (0.06)

Note 1: The cash equivalent deferred into the LTBP for each of the above directors is as follows: T A Howkins: £287,000, A R MacKay: £240,000, and P G Hetherington: £200,000.