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Investment Trends 2014 UK Leveraged Trading Report


Tim Howkins, Chief Executive of IG, commented on the report.

  • The overall UK leveraged trading market grew (in trader numbers) despite extremely low volatility levels
  • The number of CFD traders increased from last year, with more using it for individual shares exposure, while the financial spread betting (FSB) market continued to contract
  • IG continues to dominate as the largest player by trader numbers across the FSB, CFD and FX markets
  • Inter-provider switching rates reach a three year low thanks to high client satisfaction

Tim Howkins, chief executive of IG, commented:

“As a global leader in online trading, we are pleased once again to be recognised as the market leading provider, by some distance, of financial spread betting and CFD trading in the UK, which is of course is where it all began 40 years ago this month. Over the last few years we have deliberately de-emphasised the very lowest activity traders which has led to a fall in our market share as measured in number of accounts. The fact that our revenue in the UK for the last financial year was up by 3% in both spread betting and CFD trading indicates that this measure of market share does not capture appropriately the relative value of the client base. As we look to the future, our vision is to become the default choice for active traders.”

A full text of the Investment Trends release is available below in pdf format.

PDFs require Adobe Reader, which is available free from Adobe.