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IG Group celebrates 40 years of changing the face of trading


18 November 2014 marks the 40th anniversary of IG, the global online trading provider that began life as Investors Gold Index, giving 1970s traders a brand new way to speculate on the price of gold.

In London, senior management and long-standing members of staff will be joined by selected clients, some of whom have been trading with IG for over 30 years, to ring the opening bell at the London Stock Exchange. Meanwhile offices around the world will celebrate by hosting a variety of client events and trading shows.

From a single room in London, IG has risen to become a global leader in the rapidly expanding field of retail trading, with offices in 16 different countries around the world. Today it offers traders access to over 10,000 financial markets, via a multitude of online platforms and apps, and can count itself an established member of the FTSE 250.

IG’s success can be attributed to its philosophy of empowering traders through innovation. It currently employs over 350 developers dedicated to enhancing its technology, which comfortably handles an average of around 210,000 orders every single day. This drive for continual progress means that even after 40 years, and with over 126,000 active clients already under its belt, IG is strongly positioned for the future.

Just two months ago, the company took a huge step forward on its journey to becoming the default choice for active traders by launching a new stockbroking platform for its UK and Ireland clients. This exciting new service is due to be rolled out to more countries throughout IG’s 40th year.

Tim Howkins, Chief Executive of IG Group, comments:

‘Our drive to innovate and to grow our business remains extremely strong and I believe that IG is better placed than ever before to deliver the next phase of growth. We have grown our revenues in virtually every one of our 40 years of operation and have achieved that against a broad range of market and economic backdrops – bull and bear markets, the 1987 crash, the dotcom frenzy, the most recent financial crisis – and through cycles of boom and bust.

While to some 40 might sound old, we are still a young company, and will continue to strive to provide products and markets that traders demand. Our move into stockbroking and the launch of flexible bitcoin trading – that allows clients to trade the price movement of bitcoin without actually owning it – are just two examples of how we continue to move forward.’