Five-year summary

Compare data from the last five years in IG's results summary.

Key performance indicator 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13
Trading revenue1 £491.1m


£388.4m £370.4m £361.9m
Profit before taxation £213.7 £207.93 £169.5m £194.9m2 £192.2m
Profit before taxation margin3 43.5% 45.6% 43.6% 52.6% 53.1%
Earnings £169.2m £164.3m £131.9m £147.2m2 £141.7m
Diluted earnings per share3 45.9p 44.58p 35.99p 40.22p2 38.80p
Interim dividend paid per share 9.42p 8.45p 8.45p 5.75p 5.75p
Final dividend proposed per share 22.88p 22.95p 19.70p 22.40p 17.50p
Total dividend per share 32.30p 31.40p 28.15p 28.15p 23.25p

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1Net trading revenue is trading revenue excluding interest on segregated client funds and is net of introducing partner commissions.

2Restatement of FY14 regulatory fees as a result of change in accounting for FSCS levy.

3The profit before taxation and diluted earnings per share figures for FY11 and exclude both the amortisation and impairment of goodwill and customer relationships associated with our Japanese business, IG Markets Securities (formerly FXOnline).