Work at the cutting edge of technology with our dynamic IT teams in London, Bangalore and Krakow.

About the team

As a global leader in online trading we are constantly investing in new technology that helps us stay ahead of our competition. This gives our IT teams around the world the chance to lead and deliver a wide range of innovative projects, using Agile methodologies, in close collaboration with business stakeholders.

Our award-winning trading platforms and services are all developed in-house for low latency, high performance and high availability. Modern, scalable and secure, our mobile trading platforms are written in native code and our web platform is written in HTML5 to provide best practice user experience for demanding, high-value clients.

Our platforms rely on a modern technology stack, including Java 8, Spring Framework, Clojure, Tomcat RESTful services, Hadoop Big Data, Oracle RAC, C++, Objective C, Android, HTML5 and JavaScript.

There are great opportunities to learn and expand your skill set, and you have the flexibility to develop using software tools of your choice on our high-spec hardware.

The IT team has product owners, scrum masters, developers and user experience designers working together closely to deliver the needs of our clients and the business.

There is a focus on delivering high-quality services and a strong drive to grow our business through technology excellence and leadership.

As such, all of our offices are equipped with the right facilities to ensure our people have a great atmosphere to work in, can thrive and be successful.

Why work with us?

Lidia Oosthuizen, technical team lead

When I joined as a developer I did not see my leadership potential; but my managers have empowered me and provided training, mentoring and support. I now head up a software engineering team. IG not only gave me career growth, but helped me to become a better version of myself.

Miguel Puig Garcia, front-end developer

The IT team has great camaraderie and varied expertise, so we’re always helping and learning from each other. We hold regular demos of work in progress, where we share knowledge and find the best solution for each job.

Team locations

London, UK


Our main IT centre is in London. The team works to enhance and develop all our key products and services, from our websites, web trading platform and mobile trading apps, through to our order management, market data integration and risk management systems.

Find out more about our technology team in London.

Krakow, Poland


We have an office in Krakow with an ambitious growth target. The team works on a variety of development projects, including our mobile applications and client-facing online systems.

More information from Krakow coming soon. Search all jobs

Bangalore, India


We have a large tech centre located in Bangalore. In coordination with London, the team focuses on back-office systems development and quality assurance.

Find out more about our technology team in Bangalore.

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