Ready to play a critical role in planning, supporting, assessing and reporting business activity as we expand both our product offering and geographical presence?

About the finance team

You’ll be joining a pivotal team that ensures the company has the strongest foundations and most effective financial controls possible.

Whatever your specialism, you’ll get to showcase your skills by demonstrating our financial trustworthiness to:

  • Our clients: give them confidence by showing them we will always treat them and their investments appropriately
  • The wider industry: with a focus on integrity and a commitment to leading the way, we aim to set the standards that the rest of our industry adheres to
  • Your colleagues: who like to see all their hard work and commitment rewarded with a continually expanding and successful company
  • The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA): who want to see our independent internal audit team maintain excellent financial controls and processes

Why work with us?

Johan Wiese, head of finance and risk projects

Putting myself forward for strategic initiatives has given me opportunities to lead large operational teams and sponsor a complete finance transformation programme.

Rav Saidha, commercial finance manager

Finance is core to all strategic initiatives and we work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment where you never stop learning and improving.

Team locations

London, UK


We have around 80 finance professionals working in our global headquarters, overseeing the financial management, risk reporting and control processes associated with all of our products.

Kraków, Poland


Around 45 finance specialists work here, supporting our strategic and financial objectives from our tech-focused Krakow office. The open-plan team areas, agile workspaces and meeting rooms with innovation spaces provide plenty of room for critical thinking. 

Rest of the world


Working closely with colleagues in London, our small finance teams oversee a wide range of financial responsibilities around the world. Locations include Geneva, Dubai, Chicago, Melbourne, Tokyo, Singapore and Bengaluru.

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