Conduct risk and treating customers fairly

Ensuring that our clients feel secure and confident in trading with us, and nurturing that relationship, is a core strategy for our business.

Delivering excellence

As well as providing our clients with superior products and advanced technology, we recognise that we must maintain a foundation of outstanding service to support our offering.

We aim to provide our clients with a ‘fair deal’ in terms of:

  • A broad product offering 
  • Fast, high-quality execution 
  • Competitive pricing 
  • Technological and product innovation 
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A culture of customer service

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We place the fair treatment of clients at the heart of our corporate culture at IG:

  • Personal interaction is our preferred mode of communication, wherever possible 
  • Transparency in dealing is one of our key values 
  • Correspondence with customers is always clear and fair, and never misleading 
  • We understand our products and how they are best-suited to our clients 

To ensure our clients are at the heart of everything we do, we encourage their feedback and offer clear channels for comments and complaints.

We have also agreed a high-level strategy to monitor our service standards. This includes setting up key performance and risk indicators, which are reported on a monthly basis, and establishing a robust assessment and reporting process in compliance with the regulatory requirements and principles set out below.

Regulatory requirements

Treating customers fairly

The FCA’s TCF initiative is designed to maintain high standards in the way financial products are sold to consumers, and in the actions firms take after the point of sale.

According to principle 6: ‘a firm must pay due regard to the interests of its customers and treat them fairly’.

Keeping TCF and our other commitments in mind, we believe that to treat our customers fairly we must have:

  • Highly competent and well-trained staff 
  • Marketing that is appropriately targeted 
  • Fair margining 
  • Dealing practices that are fair and reliable
  • Accurate and clear information

Conduct risk

Conduct risk can be described as the risk that our conduct poses to achieving fair outcomes for consumers or to the sound, stable, resilient and transparent operation of the financial markets. Put another way, conduct risk is the risk that the way we carry out our business causes poor outcomes for our customers or the markets.  

To mitigate against conduct risk, we have taken steps to embed conduct considerations in our governance structure and strategies.

Naturally, the way we sell our products and provide customer service could produce poor outcomes for consumers if not properly managed, and therefore TCF is also enveloped within the concept of conduct risk. However, conduct risk is broader than just TCF: we consider our conduct risk profile in the way we set our strategy for the business, in the fundamental workings of our business model and in our product design. In this way we aim to identify and mitigate against risk before consumers suffer adverse outcomes.

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