Who we work with

With over 195,000 active clients around the globe, we cover both the retail and institutional markets, offering our products both directly and via selected third-party institutions.

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Our clients

Our products generally appeal to people who are financially astute, with an interest in the financial markets and factors affecting their value. Many of our clients are sophisticated traders who expect specialised functionality, so we invest in developing advanced platform features and tools to meet their continually evolving needs.

The majority of our clients come to us directly rather than by third-party referral, and retail clients dominate our spread betting businesses. CFDs also attract mainly individual retail clients, however these products are also used by market professionals and corporate entities.

Our partners

We also offer our products through a number of third-party institutional providers, chosen carefully to ensure they maintain our strict standards of regulatory compliance as well as fitting our risk profile. Around 10% of our currently active clients have been introduced by our partners. 

Partnership with us can vary from a simple referral basis through to full ‘white-labelling’ of our dealing and back-office systems, where we provide a dealing solution with the partner’s branding. This enables our partners to generate new revenue streams using their own marketing capabilities, while relying on our award-winning trading platforms and our expertise in dealing, risk management and client services.

Our 2017 major partnership is with BlackRock, the world’s largest ETF provider. Together, as part of IG’s strategy to diversify our product set, we will cater for a broader range of sophisticated investors. This future offering will include a range of model ETF-based portfolios and a customisable offering, leveraging the capabilities of our existing stockbroking platform.

Technology partner

Live data for our prices and charts is provided in partnership with Weswit, using their flagship Lightstreamer technology.

Built for speed and reliability, Lightstreamer is the most advanced product for online real-time data delivery. It is used by many FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 corporations, including Bank of America, NASA and RBS.

This powerful solution ensures that we can connect our clients to live information at all times.

Find out more at www.lightstreamer.com.

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Responsibilities to clients

We manage our clients’ interests in a fair and accountable manner so we can give them the best possible experience and avoid poor consumer outcomes.

What we do

We provide active traders with fast and flexible access to the world’s financial markets through our suite of award-winning dealing platforms and apps.

Our vision

Our aim is to become the default choice for active traders globally, by offering leading-edge technology, a diverse product range and outstanding service.

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