Responsibilities in the workplace

We recognise that having a long-term strategy which develops our people is crucial to our success and contributes strongly to our reputation within the financial services industry.

Our people

IG Group provides a dynamic and rewarding working environment for over 1600 employees around the world.

We appreciate that our employees play a crucial role in our success, so we offer a competitive reward package to recognise performance and encourage our talent to be part of our future. You can learn more on our pay and benefits page.

Leadership, management and development

We invest in developing our employees worldwide while improving the quality of our learning opportunities – recently implementing an online learning and policy‑management system, which is accessible to all of our global employees.

We support our staff in personal and professional training and development, encouraging them to attend external training courses, and sponsoring them to undertake formal education programmes and achieve professional qualifications. We offer internal secondments so employees can expand their skill-sets in other offices, while our senior management team take part in a series of video interviews to communicate key leadership messages across our network.

We recently agreed a new set of leadership behaviours for our managers, which will be assessed during the appraisal process. Furthermore, we support our managers in their ongoing training through our Inspirational Development programme, which focuses on the outcomes of 360° feedback and the behaviours associated with generating high performance. Our more junior managers attend a Transition to Leadership programme.

Talent management

We encourage our employees to grow and stretch themselves in their roles. Our competency frameworks outline what is required for exceptional performance in each position and provide space for individuals to improve in readiness for future horizontal or vertical moves.

Our mentoring programmes continue to expand, with the aim of motivating and developing employees with high potential, and we communicate our salary grading so our employees understand where they are in their career and salary progression.

To attract new, high-calibre staff, we currently offer seven graduate schemes. For more information on these, please visit our graduate opportunities page.

Diversity and equality

We are an equal opportunities employer and are committed to maintaining a diverse workforce at all levels of the Group. We believe that diversity is a broad issue, encompassing variations in an individual’s experience, skills, age and background, as well as more traditional diversity factors such as ethnic origin and gender.

We have extensive human resource policies to ensure we attract the right people and that our working environment is free from discrimination and harassment.

Employee engagement

In 2014-15 we again partnered with IBM to deliver our employee engagement survey and were delighted to have an 85% response rate. Of those surveyed, over 90% feel that there is a strong sense of teamwork and cooperation within IG. Similar numbers feel a strong sense of belonging and involvement, and over 90% feel that there is a clear future vision and trust the senior leadership of IG. 

Employee involvement

We are an open, non-hierarchical organisation, with direct and open communication between all teams and at all levels. Our CEO addresses all employees every six months and presents the Group’s financial results, business updates and plans for the future. The senior management team regularly visits the overseas offices and addresses the local employees.

Our people also directly participate in the success of the business through the Group’s performance-related bonus schemes and employee share plans.

Top employer

Our positive workplace culture has been recognised, and IG celebrated being named as one of Britain’s Top Employers for the eighth year running in 2015.

The award, by the Corporate Research Foundation, is based on a strong performance in each of the audited categories: pay and benefits, training and development, corporate culture and career development.

Society and employee sponsorship

We support a wide variety of different charities that our employees are passionate about, and we match any funds they raise for sponsored events.

Our work with the Charities Aid Foundation enables our employees to operate a charity fund and make contributions to selected charities from gross earnings, directly from their monthly pay.

We also support charities by providing time and resources. Our absence-management policy enables staff to take up voluntary work, and we will grant additional leave on a like-for-like basis up to a maximum of five matched days per annual leave year.

Health and safety

We want our employees to benefit from a safe and healthy working environment. By providing key members of staff with the relevant external training, and all other staff with appropriate in-house training, we ensure that we comply with all statutory health and safety requirements.


We are fully committed to our employees’ health and wellbeing, and provide all employees with private medical cover, permanent health insurance and life assurance.

In addition, there is a confidential employee assistance programme that offers a 24/7 telephone counselling service to all our Head Office employees and their immediate families. Our people can use this service for impartial advice on all matters, from housing to personal finance.

We reimburse 50% of the costs of employees’ annual gym subscriptions and provide many other benefits to encourage healthy living. Please visit our pay and benefits page for more information.

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