Our strategy

Working towards our vision to become the default choice for active traders globally, we have set out five clear objectives designed to help us achieve this goal.

strategic-objectives1-sml.png  Address the needs of active traders  

Our goal is to build lasting, valuable relationships with our clients. Having previously targeted active traders, who are valuable because they tend to deal frequently and in large sizes, we have now widened our product range in our more mature markets to appeal additionally to sophisticated and active investors. These clients select providers who offer the best tools and products and the highest standards of integrity to manage their long-term finances. IG is ideally positioned to fulfil their needs, and so to enhance client loyalty and improve retention.

  • Successfully launched a new self-directed wealth management platform to UK investors, with a full ISA and SIPP offering
  • Launched and rolled out our market-leading limited risk account, which provides downside-protection for clients
  • Broadened the IG ecosystem through MyIG, allowing clients a single portal from which to access all their accounts, education, analysis and content. Additional functionality will be continually rolled out through this tool
  • Purchased assets of DailyFX – a news, research and analysis website that helps clients and prospects improve their trading knowledge. With content that is suitable for novice traders through to those with advanced knowledge, it helps people identify trading opportunities and offers education and insight, with direct links to IG’s product set

strategic-objectives2-sml_0.png  Achieve, maintain or extend market leadership

Our market leadership in CFDs and spread betting reflects the unrivalled service, products and platform technology we provide. We will continue to strengthen our position in these core products, while also creating competitive innovative offerings in the share dealing and wealth management fields. These initiatives will be founded on our existing strengths – cutting-edge technology, transparency, integrity and expert client service – helping to drive the long-term profitability of our business.

  •  Achieved significant client growth over the year – 7% in leveraged and 203% in non-leveraged trading
  •  Maintained our revenue per trade
  • Delivered strong revenue growth at Nadex – 26% increase year-on-year
  •  Introduced a brand new, market-leading trading platform that includes built-in training, analysis and insight functionality. This platform is now used by all spread betting clients who joined IG from January 2017. The transition of other clients is ongoing
  •  Introduced improvements to our application process, making it more straightforward for appropriate applicants to become clients. This work has included enhancements to our document upload capabilities and a refocussing of our sales teams, so applicants are always contacted by a product expert prior to becoming a client

strategic-objectives3-sml.png  Strengthen global presence

We have a mix of more and less mature countries of operation, all of which have room for growth. Having initially executed our international expansion by establishing a local presence, we are now also seeking to grow our business across borders, without the need for a physical presence, utilising the strength of our single, global brand, combined with our expertise in online marketing techniques.

  •  Achieved significant growth in our new Switzerland and Dubai offices, both of which are performing ahead of our expectations
  •  Continued roll-out of localised websites to improve client acquisition across diverse territories
  •  Over £35 million of revenue generated from clients based in countries where we do not have an office

strategic-objectives4-sml.png  Deliver quality service to clients

By maintaining absolute integrity, delivering excellent customer service and fast, reliable execution with transparent pricing, we strive to make our clients feel secure and confident in trading with us. This results in a longer, more valuable relationship.

  •  Qualified as a member of the Institute of Customer Service
  • Delivered significant customer service improvements, mainly driven by the implementation of market-leading customer relationship management systems. Such enhancements include a drop in our average call-waiting times from 59 seconds to 10 seconds and a reduction in our email response times from six hours to just one
  • Improved training for client-facing staff, all of whom undergo a 12-week induction programme that includes classroom and on-the-job training, as well as a buddying programme
  •  Introduced PayPal as a payment method, acting on research that told us circa 30% of clients would welcome it
  •  Created a specialist payments team, improving client satisfaction in this area by more than 10% over the year

strategic-objectives5-sml.png  Sustain technology leadership

The market-leading functionality, speed and security of our platform and its proven resilience are essential to maintaining client satisfaction and enhancing client acquisition and retention. We will continue to invest in our core online platform to stay at the forefront of the market, while also focusing on improving the functionality we offer on mobile devices.

  •  Increased investment in technology development aimed at improving and personalising our service to clients. Examples include increased customisation options, delivery of appropriately tailored content, streamlined payment processes and enhanced consistency across all devices that clients use to trade
  • Commenced the rollout of our new web trading platform, with enhanced trading and research functionality
  •  Launched our investments product in the UK as IG’s first fully cloud-based offering, allowing us greater scalability without requiring investment in our own IT infrastructure

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What we do

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We aim to provide clients with an excellent experience in all aspects of their dealings with us.

Corporate social responsibility

We regard our responsibility to others as a fundamental part of our business.

Based on revenue excluding FX (published financial statements, February 2018).​