Corporate social responsibility

We are committed to high standards of corporate responsibility and ensure our interactions with employees, clients, suppliers, shareholders, society and the wider environment are managed accordingly.

Our commitment

A sense of responsibility manifests itself in everything we do. It has underpinned our conduct as a business since our inception, playing an instrumental role in the growth and success of IG Group. 


The workplace

We strive to nurture our employees’ career aspirations, encourage their engagement and involvement with IG Group, and help to ensure their health and wellbeing is maintained.

The environment

As an online business our emissions of harmful substances are very low, and we take every step possible to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment.

Our clients

We manage our clients’ interests in a fair and accountable manner so we can give them the best possible experience and avoid poor consumer outcomes.

Our conduct

We apply and maintain high standards of conduct across our businesses, and specifically in our corporate governance. Conduct represents a real risk to all firms in the financial industry and we have actively developed a risk management strategy, which includes various quantitative and qualitative measures to identify, monitor and manage conduct risk. 

For instance, we produce monthly Key Risk Indicators (KRIs), have a rolling plan of thematic conduct risk reviews, and formally consider our conduct prior to project signoff.

Read more information on our conduct strategy.